SalishSeaCast Automation Monitoring

This page presents monitoring information from the SalishSeaCast NEMO model daily nowcast and forecast runs. It is primarily intended for members of the Salish Sea NEMO modeling team. Public results of the preceding 21 days runs are linked from

On this page are:

The public interface to access SalishSeaCast run results is the project ERDDAP server at

Team members with access to skookum can access the run results files at these locations:

nowcast, NEMO-3.6, physics only, since 15-Oct-2016 /results/SalishSea/nowcast-blue/
nowcast, NEMO-3.4, physics only, prior to 15-Oct-2016 /results/SalishSea/nowcast/
nowcast, NEMO-3.6, physics and biology /results/SalishSea/nowcast-green/
forecast, NEMO-3.6, physics only, since 15-Oct-2016 /results/SalishSea/forecast/
forecast, NEMO-3.4 physics only, prior to since 15-Oct-2016 /results/SalishSea/forecast-3.4/
preliminary forecast, NEMO-3.6, physics only, since 15-Oct-2016 /results/SalishSea/forecast2/
preliminary forecast, NEMO-3.6, physics only, prior to 15-Oct-2016 /results/SalishSea/forecast2-3.4/

Within those directories the results files are contained in directories named for the run date; e.g. 09feb15/. Those directories contain the netCDF4 results files from the run, other NEMO output files, the configuration files used to produce the run, and metadata files that identify the Mercurial revisions of the code and forcing data repos used for the runs. Each day's results directory also contains a figures/ subdirectory where SVG renderings of the day's results page(s) plots can be found.


The nowcast checklist is a YAML representation of the checklist dictionary that is maintained by the nowcast manager process. It reflects the present state of the nowcast system, showing the information returned to the manager from each of the workers. It is both (somewhat) human-readable, and machine-readable. The checklist is reset each morning after the forecast2 run results have been processed (see the discussion of log file rollovers below). That means that the checklist records only the results of the log file rotations for a period of time each morning. The previous day's checklist is also available. The checklist is stored in /results/nowcast-sys/logs/nowcast/nowcast_checklist.yaml on skookum.

Log Files

The log files contain messages from the nowcast automation workers and manager processes. Each day's nowcast processing is in a separate log file. When the day's processing is completed the log file is rolled over, as are the previous log files. The log for the current day's run (nowcast.log ) is rolled over to nowcast.log.1, and the previous nowcast.log.1 is rolled over to nowcast.log.2, etc. A total of 7 day's log files are retained.

There are 3 flavours of log files:

  • nowcast.log which contains messages logged at the info level and above (warning, error, etc.). This is the most concise log file.
  • nowcast.debug.log which contains messages logged at the debug level and above; i.e. all of the nitty-gritty details.
  • checklist.log which contains a snapshot of the checklist file each morning before it is reset.

The log file rollovers happen each morning after the forecast2 run results have been processed to produce both a results page and the storm surge forecast page.

nowcast.log           nowcast.debug.log Current log files. Nearly empty after the preliminary forecast run (forecast2) results have been processed and the current day's run log files are rolled over to nowcast.log.1 and nowcast.debug.log.1.
nowcast.log.1           nowcast.debug.log.1           checklist.log.1 Previous log files. Roll over to nowcast.log.2, nowcast.debug.log.2, and checklist.log.2 when nowcast.log rolls over to nowcast.log.1.
Older log files:
nowcast.log.2           nowcast.debug.log.2           checklist.log.2
nowcast.log.3           nowcast.debug.log.3           checklist.log.3
nowcast.log.4           nowcast.debug.log.4           checklist.log.4
nowcast.log.5           nowcast.debug.log.5           checklist.log.5
nowcast.log.6           nowcast.debug.log.6           checklist.log.6
nowcast.log.7           nowcast.debug.log.7           checklist.log.7

grib_to_netcdf Worker Monitoring Plots

Weather forcing dataset monitoring plots

get_NeahBay_ssh Worker Monitoring Plots

Juan de Fuca Strait sea surface height forcing dataset observations and forecast plot