Sunday, 7 July 2024 – WAVEWATCH III® Preliminary Forecast


This page presents output from a research project. Results on this page have not been subject to statistical evaluation in comparison to validated instrument observations. Model modifications may change the way in which the results are calculated from day to day.

Wave Height and Period at Buoys:

Halibut Bank Wave Height and Period image

Data Sources

The forcing data used to drive the Salish Sea models are obtained from several sources:

Winds and metorological conditions
Open boundary conditions
  • Fraser river: Real-time Environment Canada data at Hope
  • Other rivers: J. Morrison , M. G. G. Foreman and D. Masson, 2012. A method for estimating monthly freshwater discharge affecting British Columbia coastal waters. Atmosphere-Ocean volume 50, issue 1.
Tidal constituents
  • Tidal predictions were generated using constituents from the Canadian Hydrographic Service.

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