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Title Sum-
Institution Dataset ID
 data       graph  M    Forecast, Salish Sea, 2d Wave Fields, 30min, v17-02    ?   F   I   M   background RSS Subscribe UBC EOAS & DFO IOS ubcSSf2DWaveFields30mV17-02

The Dataset's Variables and Attributes

Row Type Variable Name Attribute Name Data Type Value
attribute NC_GLOBAL acknowledgement String Fisheries & Oceans CanadaCast,
Ocean Networks Canada (ONC),
Digital Research Alliance of Canada
attribute NC_GLOBAL area String SoG_BCgrid_00500m
attribute NC_GLOBAL cdm_data_type String Grid
attribute NC_GLOBAL Conventions String CF-1.6, COARDS, ACDD-1.3
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_email String gemmrich at uvic.ca
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_name String SalishSeaCast Project Contributors
attribute NC_GLOBAL creator_url String https://salishsea-meopar-docs.readthedocs.io/ (external link)
attribute NC_GLOBAL drawLandMask String over
attribute NC_GLOBAL Easternmost_Easting double 237.997
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_max double 50.97
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_min double 48.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_resolution double 0.004499999999999998
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lat_units String degrees_north
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_max double 237.997
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_min double 234.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_resolution double 0.007000000000000024
attribute NC_GLOBAL geospatial_lon_units String degrees_east
attribute NC_GLOBAL infoUrl String https://salishsea.eos.ubc.ca/
attribute NC_GLOBAL institution String UBC EOAS & DFO IOS
attribute NC_GLOBAL institution_fullname String Dept of Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences, University of British Columbia,
Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Institute of Ocean Sciences
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords String atmosphere, Atmosphere &gt, atmospheric, Atmospheric Winds &gt, breaking wave height, circulation, currents, direction, drift, eastward_sea_water_velocity, eastward_surface_stokes_drift, eastward_wave_to_ocean_stress, eastward_wind, energy, flux, foc, frequency, height, latitude, length, local, longitude, mean, mean_wave_length, moment, northward, northward_sea_water_velocity, northward_surface_stokes_drift, northward_wave_to_ocean_stress, northward_wind, ocean, Ocean Circulation &gt, Ocean Currents, Ocean Waves &gt, oceans, Oceans &gt, peak, period, sea, sea_surface_wave_from_direction, sea_surface_wave_peak_direction, sea_surface_wave_peak_frequency, sea_surface_wave_significant_height, sea_surface_wind_wave_mean_period_from_variance_spectral_density_second_frequency_moment, seawater, second, significant, Significant Wave Height, significant_breaking_wave_height, source, spectra, spectral, speed, stokes, stress, surface, Surface Winds, swell, t02, time, ucur, utwo, uuss, uwnd, variance, vcur, velocity, vtwo, vuss, vwnd, water, wave, Wave Frequency, Wave Period, Wave Spectra, Wave Speed/Direction, wave_to_ocean_energy_flux, waves, wcc, wch, whitecap coverage, whitecap_coverage, wind, Wind Waves, winds
attribute NC_GLOBAL keywords_vocabulary String GCMD Science Keywords
attribute NC_GLOBAL license String The SalishSeaCast model results are copyright by the SalishSeaCast Project Contributors and The University of British Columbia.

They are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. https://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL nco_openmp_thread_number int 2147483647
attribute NC_GLOBAL Northernmost_Northing double 50.97
attribute NC_GLOBAL project String SalishSeaCast NEMO Model
attribute NC_GLOBAL sourceUrl String (local files)
attribute NC_GLOBAL Southernmost_Northing double 48.0
attribute NC_GLOBAL standard_name_vocabulary String CF Standard Name Table v29
attribute NC_GLOBAL summary String Forecast, Salish Sea, 2d Wave Fields, 30min, v17-02

Rolling daily forecast of 2d wave field values calculated at 30 minute intervals
from the most recent Strait of Georgia WaveWatch III® model forecast runs.
The values are calculated for a model grid that covers the Strait of Georgia
on the coast of British Columbia. The time values are UTC.

The Strait of Georgia WaveWatch III® model grid and configuration were developed
by Johannes Gemmrich at the University of Victoria. The WaveWatch III® model
is forced with currents from the SalishSeaCast NEMO model and the same ECCC HRDPS
GEM 2.5km resolution winds that are used to force the NEMO model.

This dataset is updated daily to move it forward 1 day in time.
It starts at 00:00:00 UTC 5 days prior to the most recently completed forecast run,
and extends to 11:30:00 UTC on the 2nd day after the forecast run date.
So, for example, after completion of the 10-Nov-2017 forecast run,
this dataset included data from 2017-11-05 00:00:00 UTC to 2017-11-12 11:30:00 UTC.

v17-02: WaveWatch III® v5.16; NEMO-3.6; ubcSSnBathymetryV17-02 bathymetry; see infoUrl link for full details.
attribute NC_GLOBAL testOutOfDate String now+24hours
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_end String 2024-05-26T11:30:00Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL time_coverage_start String 2024-05-19T00:00:00Z
attribute NC_GLOBAL title String Forecast, Salish Sea, 2d Wave Fields, 30min, v17-02
attribute NC_GLOBAL WAVEWATCH_III_version_number String 5.16
attribute NC_GLOBAL Westernmost_Easting double 234.0
dimension time   double nValues=360, evenlySpaced=true, averageSpacing=30m 0s
attribute time _CoordinateAxisType String Time
attribute time actual_range double 1.7160768E9, 1.716723E9
attribute time axis String T
attribute time comment String time values are UTC
attribute time conventions String relative julian days with decimal part (as parts of the day )
attribute time coverage_content_type String modelResult
attribute time ioos_category String Time
attribute time long_name String Julian Day (UT)
attribute time standard_name String time
attribute time time_origin String 01-JAN-1970 00:00:00
attribute time units String seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z
dimension latitude   float nValues=661, evenlySpaced=true, averageSpacing=0.004499999999999998
attribute latitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lat
attribute latitude actual_range float 48.0, 50.97
attribute latitude axis String Y
attribute latitude coverage_content_type String modelResult
attribute latitude ioos_category String Location
attribute latitude long_name String Latitude
attribute latitude standard_name String latitude
attribute latitude units String degrees_north
attribute latitude valid_max float 180.0
attribute latitude valid_min float -90.0
dimension longitude   float nValues=572, evenlySpaced=true, averageSpacing=0.007000000000000024
attribute longitude _CoordinateAxisType String Lon
attribute longitude actual_range float 234.0, 237.997
attribute longitude axis String X
attribute longitude coverage_content_type String modelResult
attribute longitude ioos_category String Location
attribute longitude long_name String Longitude
attribute longitude standard_name String longitude
attribute longitude units String degrees_east
attribute longitude valid_max float 360.0
attribute longitude valid_min float -180.0
variable ucur   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute ucur _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute ucur colorBarMaximum double 0.5
attribute ucur colorBarMinimum double -0.5
attribute ucur comment String cur=sqrt(U**2+V**2)
attribute ucur coverage_content_type String modelResult
attribute ucur globwave_name String eastward_sea_water_velocity
attribute ucur long_name String Eastward Current
attribute ucur standard_name String eastward_sea_water_velocity
attribute ucur units String m s-1
attribute ucur valid_max float 990.0
attribute ucur valid_min float -990.0
variable vcur   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute vcur _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute vcur colorBarMaximum double 0.5
attribute vcur colorBarMinimum double -0.5
attribute vcur comment String cur=sqrt(U**2+V**2)
attribute vcur globwave_name String northward_sea_water_velocity
attribute vcur long_name String Northward Current
attribute vcur standard_name String northward_sea_water_velocity
attribute vcur units String m s-1
attribute vcur valid_max float 990.0
attribute vcur valid_min float -990.0
variable uwnd   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute uwnd _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute uwnd colorBarMaximum double 15.0
attribute uwnd colorBarMinimum double -15.0
attribute uwnd comment String wind=sqrt(U10**2+V10**2)
attribute uwnd globwave_name String eastward_wind
attribute uwnd long_name String Eastward Wind
attribute uwnd standard_name String eastward_wind
attribute uwnd units String m s-1
attribute uwnd valid_max float 990.0
attribute uwnd valid_min float -990.0
variable vwnd   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute vwnd _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute vwnd colorBarMaximum double 15.0
attribute vwnd colorBarMinimum double -15.0
attribute vwnd comment String wind=sqrt(U10**2+V10**2)
attribute vwnd globwave_name String northward_wind
attribute vwnd long_name String Northward Wind
attribute vwnd standard_name String northward_wind
attribute vwnd units String m s-1
attribute vwnd valid_max float 990.0
attribute vwnd valid_min float -990.0
variable hs   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute hs _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute hs colorBarMaximum double 2.0
attribute hs colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute hs globwave_name String significant_wave_height
attribute hs long_name String Significant Height of Wind Waves
attribute hs standard_name String sea_surface_wave_significant_height
attribute hs units String m
attribute hs valid_max float 32000.0
attribute hs valid_min float 0.0
variable lm   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute lm _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute lm colorBarMaximum double 4000.0
attribute lm colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute lm globwave_name String mean_wave_length
attribute lm long_name String Mean Wave Length
attribute lm standard_name String mean_wave_length
attribute lm units String m
attribute lm valid_max float 3200.0
attribute lm valid_min float 0.0
variable t02   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute t02 _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute t02 colorBarMaximum double 50.0
attribute t02 colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute t02 globwave_name String mean_period_t02
attribute t02 long_name String Mean Period T02
attribute t02 standard_name String sea_surface_wind_wave_mean_period_from_variance_spectral_density_second_frequency_moment
attribute t02 units String s
attribute t02 valid_max float 5000.0
attribute t02 valid_min float 0.0
variable fp   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute fp _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute fp colorBarMaximum double 15000.0
attribute fp colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute fp globwave_name String dominant_wave_frequency
attribute fp long_name String Wave Peak Frequency
attribute fp standard_name String sea_surface_wave_peak_frequency
attribute fp units String s-1
attribute fp valid_max float 10000.0
attribute fp valid_min float 0.0
variable dir   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute dir _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute dir colorBarMaximum double 360.0
attribute dir colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute dir globwave_name String wave_from_direction
attribute dir long_name String Wave Mean Direction
attribute dir standard_name String sea_surface_wave_from_direction
attribute dir units String degree
attribute dir valid_max float 3600.0
attribute dir valid_min float 0.0
variable dp   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute dp _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute dp colorBarMaximum double 360.0
attribute dp colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute dp globwave_name String dominant_wave_direction
attribute dp long_name String Peak Direction
attribute dp standard_name String sea_surface_wave_peak_direction
attribute dp units String degree
attribute dp valid_max float 360.0
attribute dp valid_min float 0.0
variable wcc   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute wcc _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute wcc colorBarMaximum double 1.0
attribute wcc colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute wcc globwave_name String whitecap_coverage
attribute wcc long_name String Whitecap Coverage
attribute wcc standard_name String whitecap_coverage
attribute wcc units String 1
attribute wcc valid_max float 10000.0
attribute wcc valid_min float 0.0
variable wch   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute wch _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute wch colorBarMaximum double 4.0
attribute wch colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute wch globwave_name String significant_breaking_wave_height
attribute wch long_name String Significant Breaking Wave Height
attribute wch standard_name String significant_breaking_wave_height
attribute wch units String m
attribute wch valid_max float 32000.0
attribute wch valid_min float 0.0
variable utwo   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute utwo _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute utwo colorBarMaximum double 40000.0
attribute utwo colorBarMinimum double -40000.0
attribute utwo comment String two=sqrt(utwo**2+vtwo**2)
attribute utwo globwave_name String eastward_wave_to_ocean_stress
attribute utwo long_name String Eastward Wave to Ocean Stress
attribute utwo standard_name String eastward_wave_to_ocean_stress
attribute utwo units String m2 s-2
attribute utwo valid_max float 32000.0
attribute utwo valid_min float -32000.0
variable vtwo   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute vtwo _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute vtwo colorBarMaximum double 40000.0
attribute vtwo colorBarMinimum double -40000.0
attribute vtwo comment String two=sqrt(utwo**2+vtwo**2)
attribute vtwo globwave_name String northward_wave_to_ocean_stress
attribute vtwo long_name String Northward Wave to Ocean Stress
attribute vtwo standard_name String northward_wave_to_ocean_stress
attribute vtwo units String m2 s-2
attribute vtwo valid_max float 32000.0
attribute vtwo valid_min float -32000.0
variable foc   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute foc _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute foc colorBarMaximum double 12000.0
attribute foc colorBarMinimum double 0.0
attribute foc globwave_name String wave_to_ocean_energy_flux
attribute foc long_name String Wave to Ocean Energy Flux
attribute foc standard_name String wave_to_ocean_energy_flux
attribute foc units String W m-2
attribute foc valid_max float 9990.0
attribute foc valid_min float 0.0
variable uuss   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute uuss _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute uuss colorBarMaximum double 15000.0
attribute uuss colorBarMinimum double -15000.0
attribute uuss comment String uss=sqrt(uuss**2+vuss**2)
attribute uuss globwave_name String eastward_surface_stokes_drift
attribute uuss long_name String Eastward Surface Stokes Drift
attribute uuss standard_name String eastward_surface_stokes_drift
attribute uuss units String m s-1
attribute uuss valid_max float 9900.0
attribute uuss valid_min float -9900.0
variable vuss   float time, latitude, longitude
attribute vuss _FillValue float 9.96921E36
attribute vuss colorBarMaximum double 15000.0
attribute vuss colorBarMinimum double -15000.0
attribute vuss comment String uss=sqrt(uuss**2+vuss**2)
attribute vuss globwave_name String northward_surface_stokes_drift
attribute vuss long_name String Northward Surface Stokes Drift
attribute vuss standard_name String northward_surface_stokes_drift
attribute vuss units String m s-1
attribute vuss valid_max float 9900.0
attribute vuss valid_min float -9900.0

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